high aluminum castable

High alumina refractory castable

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High alumina refractory castable are widely applicable to all kilns and furnaces

High strength and high aluminium castables are refractory castables made of high aluminium raw materials as aggregates and powders and binders in traditional proportion. On the basis of preparing high strength and high aluminium castable, Dongfang furnace lining adjusts particle size distribution, adds different additives, reduces cement consumption, improves performance, improves medium temperature strength and load softening temperature, reduces thermal conductivity and has good thermal stability. The structure of the furnace body is integrated, the air tightness is better than that of the brick furnace, the furnace life is prolonged, the cost of furnace repair is saved, and the economic benefit is remarkable.
High-strength and high-aluminium castables are widely used in power plant boilers and other thermal kilns, such as front and rear arches, top and tail walls, because of their anti-permeability, anti-erosion, anti-impact, anti-wear and good mechanical properties.


Technical data
Item Item
Al2o3 ≧70%
Refractoriness ≧1770℃
Linear change rate after burning (-0.4)
Compressive strength(Mpa) 110℃*24h 70
1100℃*4h 65
Flexural strength(Mpa) 110℃*24h 12
1100℃*4h 10
Properties of cementing materials Hydraulic hardness
maximum working temperature  1440℃
Performance characteristics Convenient construction and long service life