calcium silicate products

Calcium silicate board

Item No.: CSP-0842
Calcium silicate board

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Calcium silicate board is a kind of board dominated by calcic materials and made by such manufacturing process as pulping, shaping, steam curing, drying and post processing etc.Its highest working temperature is 1050 ℃, can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical,mechanical, electrical, light industry and other industrial kiln. The products sold well all over the world and exported to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries and regions. Using the materials can reduce equipment heat loss, narrow he kiln size, and improve working conditions.


1. High strength: in the condition of similar bulk density, it is the highest strength insulation material
in inorganic hard insulation material.
2. Heat resistance: no deformation in working temperature
3. Thermal insulation: lower thermal conductivity than other hard block insulation material
4. No asbestos: avoid various diseases caused by the asbestos fiber and other harmful substances


Used in electric power, heat and other roads, chemical, metallurgical and other industries
equipment, heat pipe, boiler body, kiln and so on. In recent years, widely used in thermal power plant
heating pipe straight steel casing steel, plastic sets of steel, with glass fiber reinforced concrete
composite insulation pipe, and can be processed into special-shaped products.

Technical data

1000℃ Non-Asbesto Calcium Silicate insulation Products
Items Unit 1000℃ CS board
Density kg/m3 (220-500)
Bending strength (min) Mpa ≧0.5
Compressive Strength(min) Mpa ≧0.9
Linear Shrinkage (max) % ≦1.5
Thermal Conductivity (Balanced
Temperaature is 70℃) (max)
w/m.k ≦0.056
Maximun Service Temperature (max) 1000
Size mm 1000*500*300 T25-100