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High Aluminum Polymeric Light Thermal Insulation Brick

Item No.: HAPL-097
High Aluminum Polymeric Light Thermal Insulation Brick
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Product introduction
High alumina poly light brick, also known as high alumina poly light ball brick, is produced with super blast furnace burden as the main raw material, supplemented by appropriate additives by poly light burning loss method. The products have the advantages of high strength, good thermal stability, small change of reburned fibers and low thermal conductivity.
Product details
High aluminum light brick use: poly aluminum brick light international similar products have reached a variety of technical indicators, is currently the new materials required in the design of industrial furnace. Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, ceramics and chemical industry, kiln lining (not corroded by solution) and insulation layer, it is an ideal energy-saving product. Its temperature is at 1350 DEG C below.
High aluminum light brick product characteristics:
1, high temperature strength;
2. Resistance to corrosion in various atmospheres;
The thermal shock resistance, excellent 3;
4, good heat insulation performance;
5. Significant energy-saving effect

Technical data
Item Unit technical index
chemical composition Al2o3 % ≧48
Fe2o3 %  
physical character density g/m3 ≦1
thermal conductivity w/m.k ≦0.5
Refractoriness  ≧1580
under load
Normal Temperature
Compressive Strength
Mpa ≧4