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Wear Resistant Fire Resistant Plastic

Item No.: WRFR-289
Wear Resistant Fire Resistant Plastic

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Wear-resistant and refractory plastics are an important variety of amorphous refractories. In the jargon of refractory industry, wear-resistant and refractory plastics are a kind of refractory material constructed by tamping method, which is made of refractory aggregate and powder, raw clay, chemical compound agent and admixture, mixed and extruded into brick billets after packaging and storage for a certain period of time.
Product details
Refractory plastics is a mixture of refractory aggregate, binder and plasticizer. It is a kind of plasticity mud and billet, which can be used directly. Refractory plastics are mainly constructed by tamping and vibration methods, and hardened under heating conditions higher than normal temperature.
The plastics have the characteristics of high temperature strength and good thermal shock stability, and have strong peeling resistance when used. Its disadvantage is that the construction efficiency is low. Aluminum silicate plastics are widely used in ramming lining of various industrial furnaces and local repairing of furnace lining. The integral lining is often used in conjunction with anchors.

Technical data

Item Wear Resistant Fire Resistant Plastic
Index NMK-1 NMK-11
Density kg/m3 ≧2700 ≧2600
(110℃±5℃)*24h ≧60 ≧50
800℃*3h ≧80 ≧70
(110℃±5℃)*24h ≧10 ≧9
800℃*3h ≧15 ≧12
Thermal shock stability
(900℃,cold water)
time ≧20 ≧20
Linear change rate after burning 1300 1300
Wear resistance
cm3 ≦8 ≦9
Plasticity Number  % (15-40) (15-40)
Refractoriness ≧1770 ≧1770
Al2o3 % ≧70 ≧50
Sic % * ≧30